Healing:  A Sacred Journey

Spirit attempts to get our attention in a variety of ways; illness is one way.  Illness is not random, haphazard, nor is it punishment.  It is, however, a world-class teacher pointing to imbalance, emotional blockage and a general lack of unity within.

Illness exists first in the non-physical realm of spiritual need, emotional confusion, or mental aberration.  The physical body is the out-picturing of any one or all these distortions.    In its infinite wisdom, your spirit knows what is needed to restore equilibrium as you are your own diagnostician and personal physician.

Healing can take place instantaneously.  For this to occur there need be recognition of the root cause of the imbalance/blockage/illness, a willingness to heal, and it must be your time/destiny to heal the issue in this particular dimension.  

The Role of “Healer” when Imbalance seems Insurmountable ~

Those in the role of “healer” in truth are facilitators, conduits, who “hold the space” as they invite energy to travel in patterns that facilitate the restoration of vitality and good health.  

The healing journey is unique to each person; symptoms and manifestations of imbalance vary.  To accommodate individual healing needs and unique energy patterns, my “Healing Toolkit” overflows with both ancient and futuristic healing modalities.

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