Feng Shui:  The Sacred Language of Internal and External Harmony

If walls could only talk… they do; they do!    Not only do walls talk, they hold every frequency you put forth in thought, word and action.  This would account for those times you enter a place and feel safe and secure and want to settle in or conversely, you feel edgy and uncomfortable, perhaps even frightened to the point where the walls actually scream at you to leave!
Every space absorbs the energies to which it is exposed.  For this reason, it is important to clear the energies of your home, office or automobile often – especially after a quarrel, robbery, illness or any disturbing event.  It’s to your advantage to perform an energy clearing at least once a year even if life is rolling by merrily. 
Timing suggestions for an energy clearing:  your birthday, at a New Year – western, Chinese, Hindu – your choice.  Or have fun - celebrate each of these special days with a clearing; it can’t hurt!  Clear the space at a New Moon… and finally, at any time when you sense the space is ‘unsettled.’
A Feng Shui evaluation can be accomplished via SKYPE or by a personal-in-home consultation.

I practice Compass Method Feng Shui and use what is termed the Four Pillars to adjust the energy in your environment for optimal results.  Typically, an evaluation is between one to two hours.