Astrology: Language of the Stars; Language of the Soul - Personal Consultation Services

Each of us is born at the precise instant that is best suited to our special needs and growth opportunities. At the moment of birth, the Planets align to create the pattern that becomes the infrastructure of our Earthly adventures. The Stars, Planets and aspects impel rather than compel, thus, many possible futures are open to each person.

The Sacred Language of the Stars is an energy blueprint of the soul that provides essential keys to understanding one’s Life Purpose and personality. It provides a summary of one’s talents, abilities and potential for the duration of one’s excursion into the physical dimension.

By learning and applying the Wisdom of the Stars, one becomes the captain of their ship and master of their destiny.

The function of a Natal chart is to inspire and encourage us to recognize the high road we may choose on this oft-times perilous journey into matter.

We are Children of the Stars!