Author • Dreamer • Tender Spirit

From childhood my tender spirit dictated the path I would follow.  It’s the path of the mystic.  This is not a path one readily chooses; it chooses you… and you follow.  Sometimes willingly and happily, other times fretfully, resentfully. Often times with bewilderment and uncertainty. The Path insisted I look deeply into the sorrow and pathos of others’ lives.  I was young and frightened when asked to do that.  I did it anyway. 

Seeing with the eye of compassion the chaos and confusion and various states of unhappiness and sickness within the human condition led me to learn as much as I could, as rapidly as I could, in any area that I intuitively understood would help ease the tremendous burden so many souls carry.  My inner leanings for education led me to Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology, various and many applications of Energy Healing, the Egyptian Oracle known as the Cartouche, Feng Shui and the I Ching.  I’ve cultivated my mind and spirit with topics that expanded my consciousness and allowed me to share insights and offer understanding and hope often where none existed.

Similar to yours, my journey has had its twists and turns, highs and lows, and a fair share of growth-filled set-backs.  A shimmering glimmer of Light unfailingly lit my path.

Breaking through the conditioning and programming which has created havoc in so many lives, commands my interest and attention with heightened fervor.   Gently, I poke, prod, ask, teach, and counsel people to reclaim their birthright of grace, freedom and creativity and, yes, bliss.

Elaine Bartlett