Elaine...a Catalyst

Truth be told, in life, you guide yourself.

A catalyst merely opens a wider and broader perspective of your life so you can decide your own path.   As humanity is on the precipice of an extraordinary awakening, individual souls are being called to drop conditioned beliefs and restrictive programming, and reclaim their personal sovereignty.

Elaine is a spiritual philosopher, researcher, teacher, consultant and author.  Her spiritual achievement comes through the spiritual self-cultivation of the practice of love-centered living anchored in compassion and understanding. 
Elaine aims to serve people by supporting their own personal path of growth.

Partial list of Tools and Philosophies to Evolve Consciousness:
Astrology (Eastern and Western) * Bemer * Energy Grids * Feng Shui
I Ching * Tao de Ching * Ra Material: Law of One * Numerology
Remote Healing * Universal Principles

Consciousness-Shifting Consultations for the Evolving Spirit
By Appointment:  321-210-6582 or [email protected]