Magic is in the Moment

“HierConsciousness” is the understanding and profound knowing that Consciousness - ONENESS is all there is.  Some call Oneness Infinite Brahman.  Others call It God, Source, Allah, Energy and more.   It is beyond labels, limitations or name.  We are Oneness appearing as the many;
this is the ‘Magic’ of Awareness.

Oneness is our core.   It’s the magic that breathes us and lives our life.  Awareness of our true essence activates the Magic Wand, the Wand of Power and Light, that resides within each person. 

Individually and collectively, the inner Magic Wand is quivering with anticipation to be waved into service.  Are you ready to command your inner wand to open new doors of opportunity, to expand your options, and to use the elemental powers of creation to your full advantage?

The illusion of separation is meeting its demise.   We are on the cusp of a shift in perspective, a shift in vibration, a shift in attunement, as well as a shift in consciousness.

Galactically, this is a Yellow Crystal Seed Year.  Thoughts that are verbalized and visualized create a new reality – in a twinkling, as if by magic.  What are your thoughts and words creating?  The present moment, where all Magic is contained, is where one transmutes
“impossible” into its higher octave: “I M  POSSIBLE.” 

Wave your wand; Work you magic.
BE That which you are - a magical expression of Oneness.

“ You are made of stars”
(Serbian Proverb)