Coralling Unicorns

As Mother Earth shapeshifts, the inner landscape of each human is shifting as well. 
For some folks this era of transition, transformation, transparency and expansion
will be a wild ride; others will find it a rich, rewarding and fulfilling experience.

One’s ability to move through the cycles of shift with grace and relative ease
correlates to the Six Heart Virtues:   appreciation, compassion, forgiveness,
humility, understanding and valor.
  These are the virtues that propagate a love-centered life.

As “Reality” is remembered and the frequency of duality diminishes,
the sense of personal sovereignty flourishes.  Life-energy transforms to new levels of expression
that more accurately reflect the Sovereign Self, the God-spark inherent in every individual. 

Updating both my job-description and how I can best serve humanity during this era of evolution,

I simply choose to Corral Unicorns!  

This affords me the opportunity to joyfully support those who are ready to corral their inner Unicorn,
thus affording them fuller expression of the magic and genius that has lain dormant.  

Unicorn Symbolism: 
This mythical creature represents joy, wisdom, kindness, prosperity and longevity. 
Energetically it stretches the imagination to visions of golden opportunities. 
It’s the totem that reminds one to reclaim personal power by re-connecting with the true power within. 

Corralling Unicorns… to Harness Greater Happiness!